Blackened Indiana Electronics.

Tenebrious "Funereal Ceremonies For The Macabre & Grotesque" CDR (Altar of Waste Records)
Tenebrious "The Shadows Gather In Cold Shivering Silence" CDR (Esto Perpetua Records)
Tenebrious "Decrepit Dwelling Creations" CDR (Occult Supremacy)
Tenebrious / Crown of Bone "Epitaph Crusted Black, Indiana Blackened Noise" Split Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records)
Tenebrious / Mowlawner - Split CDR (Altar of Waste Records)
Tenebrious / Ascetic Hedonism - Split Cassette (Worthless Recordings)
Tenebrious / Blsphm - Split CDR (Occult Supremacy)
Tenebrious / The Nothing - Split CDR (Occult Supremacy)
Tenebrious / Korperschwache - Split CDR (Occult Supremacy)
Tenebrious / Breath of Chaos - Split CDR (Ministries of Blood Recordings)

Tenebrious "Desecration Remains of The Father" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records)
Tenebrious "Mortuary Soil & Blood Overflow From A Chalice of The Selective Defective" Pro 2xCD (4iB Records)
Tenebrious "The Unwholesome Effluvia of Decay" Pro Cassette (Fall of Nature)
Tenebrious "Upon A Tyrannical Throne of Maggots" 2xCDR (Altar of Waste)
Tenebrious "For That, Which Inspires Madness" CD (TBA)
Tenebrious / Adamennon - Split CDR (Occult Supremacy)

Ralph Bates - Vocals, Synthesizers, Electronics, Samplers.
Dustin Alan Redington - Vocals, Keyboards, Noise, Guitar, Drum Programing.